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10 seconds application installer


The script allows you to install a application in less than 10 seconds. It will automatically create the necessary volume directories on the host and automatically create the correct docker-compose configuration file. The docker-compose configuration file includes a description of all environment variables, volume- and port mappings.

In the example below the script is installed in /usr/local/bin. After that the Sonarr application is installed by running sonarr.

The output of the script will guide you through the setup process:

  • Review the the global settings in docker-env.cfg (you only need to do this once)
  • Review the docker-compose.yaml file (usually no adjustments are needed)
  • Start and stop instructions (using docker-compose)

More information:


# install once sudo curl -sL -o /usr/local/bin/ sudo chmod ugo+x /usr/local/bin/ # run many times <application>
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The application list you can choose from can be found at


# run once curl -sL | sh -s <application>
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You can also specify a different BASEDIR:

BASEDIR=/volume2/docker <application>
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curl -sL | BASEDIR=/volume2/docker sh -s <application>
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Example output:

$ netbootxyz The following directories and files have been created: /volume1/docker/docker-env.cfg /volume1/docker/netbootxyz /volume1/docker/netbootxyz/docker-compose.yaml /volume1/docker/netbootxyz/assets /volume1/docker/netbootxyz/config /volume1/docker/netbootxyz/.env Application setup: 1. Review the global settings in /volume1/docker/docker-env.cfg: #BASEDIR=/volume1/docker #PUID=1024 #PGID=100 #TZ=Europe/Amsterdam 2. Review /volume1/docker/netbootxyz/docker-compose.yaml 3. Create and start the application with: $ cd /volume1/docker/netbootxyz $ sudo docker-compose up -d 4. Stop and remove the application with: $ cd /volume1/docker/netbootxyz $ sudo docker-compose down $
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